Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Disneyland ~ Ultimate Park Bag!!!

We just made our first (and already planning a second) family trip to Disneyland in California!  We may never do Disney World again, but more about that later. 

Being the planner and organizer that I am, everyone had a park bag ready to go. I believe that anyone over the age of five is big enough and responsible enough to carry their own things, so each of the girls (8 and 10) had their own backpacks, but little mister (3) got to keep his things in Daddy's backpack.  I carried a backpack purse. 

Our Disneyland trip required each of us to have a light jacket, because the mornings and evenings were chilly, so all of the park bags had enough room to put the jacket in during the warmer part of the day. 

• Water bottle
• Rain Poncho (purchased ahead of time; they are more expensive in the park)
• Snacks (park snacks can get expensive, and snacks make standing in line more fun)
• Sunglasses


• Water bottles (his and little man's)
• Rain ponchos
• Matador picnic blanket (to stake out your parade viewing area)
• Wallet (in front pocket, where tickets and fast passes were kept)
• iPhone

And bonus, this Hikpro backpack folds up nicely to fit into the carry-on suitcase. 


Okay, I know, this doesn't work for those of you who like to travel minimalist style, but for the rest of us, who like to have it all, here's my must have list:

• DSLR Camera in a padded pouch (this is only a must-have for some, I know iPhones are great, too)
• Water bottle
• Rain poncho
• iPhone 
• Sunglasses
• Wet wipes 
• Sunscreen
• Chapstick
• Gum (Disney doesn't sell gum)
• Wallet
• Kleenex
• First aid pouch (Excederin, Advil, childrens ibuprofen and bandaids)

I hope this list is helpful. Let me know what your must-haves are for a Disney day!


  1. What brand is your backpack purse and where did you get it, please?

    1. It is Betsey Johnson, and I was able to get it at Ross. I love it. It is nylon, so easy to clean and it's the perfect size.